WHISTLES AND EGGS - Serbian Media in 1996

By Vladan Radosavljebic

A detailed mounthly review of events in the Yugoslav media after 1996, accompanied by an analysis of causes and consequences of years-long pressure of the authorities on the freedom of expression. (Latin script, pp.88, Belgrade, 1997).


Various authors

A collection of articles by legal expects and experienced politicians. It provides basic statistical and demographic data on the vote rigging technique and proposes new election regulations.

(Latin script, pp.267, Belgrade, 1997)

THE WAR STARTED ON MAKSIMIR - Hate Speech in the Media

Various authors

What really happened in Serbia from 1987 until 1991. The War Started at Maksimir deals with the issues concerning journalists’ obligation to speak up about media conduct at the critical moments in our recent history. Does their hate speech make them accomplices in and executors of a deadly policy? Have journalists contributed to the escalation of war? Also published in Serbian.

(pp.185, Belgrade, 1997)


Milan Milosevic: The Closed Circle, Dragoslav Grujic: Directory

The Closed Circle analyzes elections in Serbia, Montenegro and Yugoslavia from 1990 onwards. The emergence of political parties, internal factions and major political showdowns. Most prominent political figures of our political past and present. Complete electorel results. Directory of Yugoslavia’s most prominent public personalities and institutions, embassies, international organizations. Also published in Serbian.

(pp.135, Belgrade, 1997

Media in Serbia

by The European Institute for the Media

“Media in Serbia. Reporting on Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in 1997” by The European Institute for the Media, Dusseldorf.

MC File weekly

The MC File weekly, analytical reading composed of excerpts from articles and opinion pieces was issued throughout 1998.

News on Media

From 1994 until 1998 the Media Center issued the News on Media monthly, covering in detail newspapers’ media and information related articles.

FORGING WAR - Media in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

By: Mark Thompson

The first comprehensive study of control mechanisms and abuse of media in the former Yugoslavia.

(Latin script, pp. 283, Belgrade, 1995.)

SERBIAN PRESS (1768 - 1995) - Historical-bibloigraphical review

By: Milica Kisic i Branka Bulatovic

Introductory study: “The Press and Serbian Society of the 19 and 20 Centuries” by Milos Misovic

The very number of bibliographical items, included in the project “Serbian Press (1768-1995)” and the 277th anniversary of the Serbian press, confirm the capital importance of this undertaking.

(Cyrillic script, pp. 513, Belgrade, 1996).


By: Branislav Milinkovic

The study “Media Freedoms - Rights and Limitations” looks at the decisions by internetional bodies related to bans, censorship, auto-censorship and the freedom of speech.

(Latin script, pp.82, Belgrade, 1996).