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Right to Asylum in the Republic of Serbia 2016

Monday, 20/3/2017, 11:00, Terazije 3/II, Secondary Hall

A total of 12,821 foreigners expressed the intention to seek asylum in Serbia in 2016. The state’s treatment of migrants in 2016 was primarily influenced by the policies of the neighbouring countries and decisions taken at the EU level. Although the number of people granted asylum was the highest (42) since the Asylum Law came into force, the status of asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of international protection did not improve much in 2016. The valid legal framework failed to respond to many issues arising in practice, wherefore a large share of the activities the state authorities conducted with respect to the migrants involved ad hoc steps primarily aimed at extending them humanitarian aid and accommodation.

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights will present data it acquired while providing legal aid to asylum seekers.Will discuss:

- international and regional circumstances leading to forced migrations,
- access to the asylum procedure,
- the practice of the police and other competent authorities in the asylum procedure and
- the need for an integration program and the position of persons granted asylum.

Press conference:
Belgrade Centre for Human Rights


  • Prof. Vesna Petrović, Executive Director of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights
  • John Young, Head of the Department for Legal Protection of Refugees UNHCR in Serbia
  • Nikola Kovačević
  • Lena Petrović
  • Sonja Tošković, Legal Officers at the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights

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