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Recipient of journalistic award Dusan Bogavac rudely insults colleagues

As it seems, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Borske Novine, Miroslav Radulovic, who received the award Dusan Bogavac in 1998 – which is awarded for courageous and ethical journalism – will find himself tried by the Court of Honor comprised of those who gave him the award thirteen years ago.

The Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia has accepted the complaint submitted by the private weekly magazine Borski Problem in relation to the insulting article authored by Miroslav Radulovic and published by Borske Novine. The article discussed the competing magazine.

Within the Humor section published on June 7 of this year, Radulovic insulted his colleagues from Borski Problem, describing them as ignorants. Insults were also used before and after that issue. The weekly magazine, which has been published for five years without any discontinuity, was also called "The Bor Pistol".

In his column, Radulovic clearly expressed his discontent with the fact that the newspaper Borske Novine had failed to win the public contest for the lease of newspaper space to the municipal government, and attacked his colleagues and the employees of the municipal government.

The director and editor of the newspaper Borski Problem, Ljubisa Marinkovic, said that he would not sue Miroslav Radulovic for insult, but that the published articles had caused damage to his newspaper.

"I will not sue Radulovic for his lack of fairness, unethical writing, violation of the journalistic code of conduct, and insults, but his unverified and incorrect information – according to which we allegedly owe money to printing companies for the last two years – has directly caused damage to our operations. We consider the director of Borske Novine, Zvonko Damnjanovic, responsible for this. At the time of publishing of the article, he was designated as the director, but his name is not mentioned anymore in the last issue", says Marinkovic.

According to an article published by the newspaper Borske Novine last month, the director of the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy, Sladjana Djurdjekanovic Miric, announced that she would file criminal charges because of rude and vulgar insults and violation of her honour and reputation, as well as emotional pain.

The cause for the charges was an article published under the title "Which Bird Brings Babies" and mentioned the name of Sladjana "Cocks*cker".

"Although the article was not signed by its author, that will not prevent me from filing charges against the director, Zvonko Damnjanovic, said the director of the Museum. The article mentions the name of "Ms Cocks*cker", describing her as the "woman who had recently caused a stir by calling the police and asking them to investigate who stole the railway car that was moved from the park to another location." "This description unambiguously points to me", says Sladjana Djurdjekanovic Miric.

She points out the damage to her professional reputation and honor. In her opinion, the editorial office of the newspaper is to blame because they had failed to prevent publication of the indecent and insulting comments in the Borske Novine newspaper.

"Journalists are obliged to adhere to standards and principles of journalism. The author of the article should have been aware of his responsibility towards the public. I have never talked to anyone from the editorial office of the newspaper Borske Novine and I don't see any reason for such indecent words", says Djurdjekanovic.

Dragan Milosevic, who was mentioned in the same article, has also announced his intention to file criminal charges.

He pointed out that the article entitled "Which Bird Brings Babies" contained incorrect and unverified information. In the article, its author directly addresses him and says that he would personally assure that the director of the Electrical Power Distribution Company goes to prison.

"Viewed from a distance, you look as if you pissed against the wind and got wet, the article addresses Dragan Milosevic."

In 1998, the newspaper Borske Novine won the award Dusan Bogavac after the District Court in Zajecar passed a verdict against the owner of the newspaper, Dusica Radulovic, sentencing her to three months of prison for alleged libel against municipal officials.

During the rule of Slobodan Milosevic, the newspaper attracted attention of the public after it reprinted from the Montenegrin newspaper Onogost a photomontage showing nude Milosevic, Momir Bulatovic and other high officials of the country at the time.

Sasa Trifunovic

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