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Media-related news

The first issue of the daily newspaper San, announced long ago, is available at newsstands as of today. The newspaper has been printed in 300,000 copies and will be available for free. The same number of copies of the new tabloid will also be printed on the second day, while its third issue will be sold for the price of only 15 dinars, which will constitute a huge challenge to the existing daily newspapers. The editorial team of San says that its concept will differ from the existing tabloids: political topics will dominate over the show business-related news.
(Novi Magazin 19.11.2012)


The process of digitalization of the media in Serbia should be accelerated, and it is also necessary to intensify cooperation between providers and broadcasters by adopting the new Law on Electronic Media that is necessary for completion of the process – this is the conclusion reached by the participants of the public discussion about the digitalization of the media that was held in Belgrade on 21 November. During the event, the participants also mentioned that the digitalization process involves many uncertainties, like costs for local broadcasters, and that some of the necessary documents, for example network projects and coverage plans, have not been prepared.
(Beta, 21.12.2012)

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