“When You Say...” – A series of in-studio debates and TV shows


Media Center Belgrade and Media Center Nis in cooperation with the news agency FoNet are jointly implementing a project that includes a series of in-studio debates under the title “When You Say...”.

The programme, which is recorded once a week, discusses practical and relevant problems in the Serbian society with competent participants and including numerous TV reports and interactive communication with the audience: citizens' questions and comments can be sent via SMS, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and voice mail. Produced shows is available for downloading via the Media Center website and is broadcast on more than 20 regional and local television stations in all parts of Serbia.

Renowned financial journalists Misa Brkic and Mijat Lakicevic are the editors of the series. The show is hosted by journalist Aleksandra Krstic, who is also a assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade. Her students will take part in the debate. At the other end of the teleconferencing connection, Miodrag Stankovic, a journalist with TV5, will call in from the Media Center Nis.
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