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The Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia (NUNS)

The Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights, the Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia (NUNS) and the Independent Journalists' Association of Vojvodina (NDNV) submitted today to the president of Serbia an appeal to pardon Zoran Petakov, who is serving a sentence of 100 days of house arrest for the criminal offense of insult.
(NUNS, NDNV, MC, 09.11.2012,Narodne novine – Nis, 10.11.2012)

The Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia has joined numerous associations and journalistic trade unions from abroad protesting the repression against journalists in Turkey.
(NUNS, 12.11.2012, Beta Politika, 13.11.2012)

The Journalists' Association of Serbia (UNS)

Transportation company “Feniks GiZ” from Jazovnik offers a discount of 50 percent to all members of the Journalists' Association of Serbia (UNS) for intercity trips.
(UNS, 09.11.2012)

The Serbian Society for Public Relations offers the members of UNS a 10-percent discount on the price of accreditation for participation in the fourth annual international conference of the Society.
(UNS, 13.11.2012)

The Journalists' Association of Serbia (UNS) is unpleasantly surprised with the decision of the editorial team of the daily newspaper Danas to allow the former close associate of Miroslav Miskovic, Milka Forcan, to spread untruths about the columnist Ruza Cirkovic. “Our colleague, Ms. Cirkovic, is one of the best and most renowned journalists in Serbia. Danas allowed Ms. Forcan to respond to the journalist's claims with a series of insults. I am asking you to offer the public your assurances that Milka Forcan's words do not represent the opinion of the editorial team of Danas”, said Ljiljana Smajlovic.
(Danas, UNS, 13.11.2012)

Journalistic trade unions

The Trade Union of Radio-Television Vojvodina (RTV) said today that the situation within the public service broadcaster of the Province was unacceptable and that the authorities should investigate the financial side of business activities of RTV.
(Blic, UNS, NUNS, 08.11.2012)

The Journalists' Union of Serbia (SINOS) says that the closure of the daily newspaper Press is the latest example which proves that the media in Serbia “is under direct control of the political and economic lobby”.
(Kurir, 17.11.2012)

The Republic Broadcasting Agency (RRA)

The Republic Broadcasting Agency (RRA) has recently decided that reality shows “Adulterers”, “The Mad House” and “Family Secrets” are obliged to clearly label their broadcasts as “fiction programming”. TV Prva is the only television station which has conformed to this decision. We asked Goran Karadzic of the RRA to comment on this, and he said: “I am not aware of that. RRA has not been informed about that, but we will investigate”.
(Informer, 14.11.2012)

The management of TV Avala has not used the opportunity to file a complaint against the decision by the Council of the Republic Broadcasting Agency (RRA) to revoke its broadcasting license, RRA has confirmed.
(Politika, UNS, Danas, 14.11.2012)

The Republic Agency for Electronic Communication (RATEL)

The Republic Agency for Electronic Communication (RATEL) has paid the rent for the building in downtown Belgrade for the period of six years, reports NIN in its latest issue. The remaining three years of rent will require additional 2.2 million euros. In total, renting of the building until 2016 would cost the agency almost 6.5 million euros. Real estate experts estimate that this amount of money is sufficient to buy two such buildings, and that renting of similar premises usually costs two times less.
(Beta, UNS, NUNS, 21.11.2012)

The Media Association

“Publishing company Color Press Group has temporarily suspended its membership in the Media Association because it does not want to participate in conflicts and disputes that have developed in the Serbian media scene in recent weeks. The Media Association, one of whose founders is Color Press Group, has been dragged into these conflicts”, said the president of the Color Press Group, Robert Coban. The Group has decided to suspend its membership for the period of two months, until the expiry of its membership for the year 2012, after which the Managing Board will decide on extension of membership or withdrawal from the media organization.
(Blic, Tanjug, NUNS, UNS, 15.11.2012, Kurir, 17.11.2012)

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